Guam Real Estate: An Island with an American Heart and Culture

29 Aug

Guam is an international melting pot which is considered as a gateway to Asia and home of intense multi-diverse local culture. It is an American territory which is a remote island in the Pacific that is a nice tourist destination. Visiting Guam as a tourist offers a lot of fun activities such as diving and swimming. The coral refers in Guam are thriving wherein coral craters are perfect that look like sculpted by bombs (Pitti Bomb Hole). Experience the military era where WWI and WWII ships can be seen beneath the waters between Apra Harbor through snorkeling and diving to watch stingrays and other sea creatures dwell on these ships.

The indigenous Pacific Islanders or Chamorro people dwell in Guam and are influenced by American, Spanish, and Japanese influences. Guam was first colonized by Spain in the 17th century and was later occupied by the Japanese for two years during the WWII. Today, it is a U.S. military territory but a peaceful and beautiful place to visit and live. Guam is like having a Texan culture because of their obsession with high-school football, and they also enjoy parties and festivals. Guam has a great taste for music that suits the people's laid-back lifestyle wherein they enjoy playing ukelele and reggae, while locals and tourists enjoy the barbecue picnics and bar hopping experiences. When it comes to food, it is also greatly influenced by Mexican and Spanish culture wherein the Chamorro food features tamales, chilaquiles, atole, and tortillas. Try tasting the local cuisine such as Chicken Kelaguen featuring chili pepper, lemon, and coconut shavings. A very romantic place, the Two Lover's Point is a famous landmark in Guam that is overlooking the Philippines sea. A Chamorro legend is attached to this site wherein two lovers chose to jump from the cliff together than being separated from each other. Know about Guam Military Rentals here!

Guam realty is booming right now, with vacation rentals, military rentals, and houses for sale. Tourist can find a lot of Guam military rentals, apartment rentals, and house rentals. Real estate investors are so eager to get properties in Guam because of it promising economy. Guam beachfront residences are visited by different tourists around the world with affordable rates to choose from. Luxury stays are also available for corporate events or parties.

Celebrate with Guam, come and visit us now! For real estate inquiries, feel free to check our website or homepage. Watch to know more about real estate.

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